GeForce NOW Delivers Class-Leading Cloud Gaming Services with Supermicro Servers

GeForce NOW, the leading provider of cloud gaming services, has selected Supermicro Servers to create an advanced data center that transforms the cloud gaming experience. With a focus on processing power, low latency, bandwidth requirements, and ample storage capacity, Supermicro Servers powered by AMD CPUs deliver exceptional performance and impressive graphics. As a result, GeForce NOW provides high customer satisfaction with reduced latency and smooth gameplay, establishing itself as a leader in the cloud gaming industry.

ASBIS Group, the leading distributor, has been chosen as a trusted partner for this important project. By delivering an extensive range of services, they ensured the successful rollout of the solution for Cloud Gaming Services.

INDUSTRY: Cloud Gaiming

·    Processing Power: To handle the complex calculations and rendering required for gaming the servers need to be equipped with high-performance processors, GPUs, and sufficient memory;
·    Low Latency: to minimize the delay between a user's input and the corresponding action happening in the game; 
·    Bandwidth Requirements: to ensure a smooth streaming experience;
·    Storage and Game Libraries: to ensure ample storage capacity to store game libraries and user data;

·    A+ Server system 2114GT-DNR system from the GrandTwin™ family;
·    AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5955 processors;
·    25GbE Dual-Port DPU;
·    PCIe Gen4 GPU 48GB;

·    High-Performance Gaming with Impressive Graphics;
·    Reduced Latency;
·    Smooth Gameplay;
·    High Customer Satisfaction;


GeForce NOW is a global leader in cloud-based gaming services. Built on an impressive infrastructure with its own data centers, the service enables gamers to stream and play video games on any device without restriction, regardless of the device’s specifications. To maintain and strengthen its business competitiveness in the field of cloud-based performance, GeForce NOW chose to implement Supermicro A+ Server System solutions for cloud-based performance capabilities.  


GeForce NOW, the provider of the cloud gaming service in Armenia, operates its own Data Center and serves tens of thousands of customers with over 1500 games. To cater to a growing customer base, GeForce NOW required powerful servers with a significant amount of cores and memory to meet stringent service-level agreements (SLAs) while providing a seamless user experience and unlimited access to updated games.


After benchmarking and careful consideration, GeForce NOW purchased over one hundred Supermicro AMD-based servers. The Supermicro A+ Server system 2114GT-DNR system from the GrandTwin™ family features two hot-pluggable Nodes in a 2U form factor, each supporting the latest AMD EPYC™ CPUs. Alternatively, a special modification of the system supports AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5955 processors. The system is adopted for rendering complex 3D gaming scenes or computing detailed simulations while you iterate 3D models or fine-tune character animations.

This CPU has excellent support for high memory capacity and extensibility, and even AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO can do much more, and faster than ever. Moreover, in combination with 2pcs of PCIe Gen4 GPUs that have 48 GB Ultra-fast GDDR6 memory with NVLink bus, scalable up to 96 GB, it gives engineers and creative professionals the large memory space necessary to work with massive datasets and graphics workloads like data science and 3D simulation.

One more advanced technology in usage is a new generation of 25GbE Dual-Port DPU. And it gives a huge leap in performance calculations in the cloud.  The addition of the DPU, a new class of programmable co-processors, further enhances system capabilities with its high-performance software-programmable multi-core embedded CPU, high-performance network interface, and flexible and programmable acceleration engines.


Leveraging the Supermicro A+ Servers with AMD Ryzen processors, GeeForce NOW cloud gaming performs beyond expectations. 

With updated games launching almost instantly, users can play directly in their browser with an internet connection of 15 Mbps or higher. The service delivers high-performance gaming with impressive graphics, low latency, and seamless gameplay, making top-tier gaming content accessible to anyone. 

With the powerful combination of the latest IT technologies and Supermicro's server solutions, GFN.AM is setting a new standard in cloud gaming, offering remarkable performance and scalability to keep up with future growth needs. The new-generation servers have reduced response times to a fraction, providing gaming enthusiasts optimal cloud gaming experiences, and as a result, GFN.AM can offer more services to its customers, increasing revenue. 

ASBIS Group's extensive range of services ensures the successful rollout and implementation of Supermicro's A+ Server System solutions.