Take a chance to test the Industry’s Fastest 25/100GbE Switch!

Demo Description  
MSN2100-CB2F Mellanox Spectrum SN2100 based 100GbE, 1U Open Ethernet Switch with MLNX-OS, 16 QSFP28 ports, 2 Power Supplies (AC), short depth, Rangeley CPU, P2C airflow, Rail Kit must be purchased separately, RoHS6 1Request Demo
MSN2410-CB2FC Mellanox Spectrum SN2410 based 25GbE/100GbE 1U Open Ethernet switch with Cumulus Linux, 48 SFP28 ports and 8 QSFP28 ports, 2 power supplies (AC), x86 CPU, short depth, P2C airflow, Rail Kit  Request Demo
MSN2700-CS2F Mellanox Spectrum SN2700 based 100GbE 1U Open Ethernet Switch with MLNX-OS, 32 QSFP28 ports, 2 Power Supplies (AC), Standard depth, x86 CPU, P2C airflow, Rail Kit, RoHS6 Request Demo

Test schedule by prior agreement
Assistance in testing and tuning from ASBIS & Nvidia specialists




SN2000 series

Spectrum-Based Switches SN2100 SN2410 SN2700
Connectors16x QSFP28 100GbE 48x SFP28 25GbE +
8x QSFP28 100GbE
32x QSFP28 100GbE
100GbE ports16 8 32
50GbE ports32 16 64
40GbE ports16 8 32
25GbE ports64 64 64
10GbE ports64 64 64
1GbE ports64 64 64
Height1 RU 1 RU 1 RU
Switching capacity [Tb/s]1.6 2.0 3.2
FRUs- PS and fans PS and fans
PSU redundancy
Fan redundancy
Wire-speed switching [Bpps]2.382.974.76

Main Workloads:

Data Center Switching, 
HCI Networking, 
Software-Defined Storage (SDS)